Principal’s Message

DCHS Students and Families,

Summer is well underway and I hope you are enjoying a different schedule in your house.  Maybe it is your “last summer” with your 2017 Grad before they head off to new horizons.  Or, maybe your high school student is now one grade older and you are preparing for Graduation pictures, or Driver’s Ed. Behind the Wheel… enjoy every day, every moment of these special times in your lives as a family.  It all goes too fast…

As I reflect on the 2016-2017 school year it can be summed up as a very positive year.  The students and teachers accomplished much together by working hard and having some fun too!  It can too easily be taken for granted that great students learn well every day and great teachers teach well every day.  It takes intentional effort and sacrifice to make it all happen.  We have students and families that value education.  We have teachers and support staff that care beyond the content or curriculum. It’s more than that.  It’s using what we teach to help student learn things about themselves while they gain knowledge.  I believe Martin Luther King Jr. once said, in this world we should be judged by the content of our character.  This year, we had a whole school filled with people of great character in my opinion.


Leading the way with character was the amazing Class of 2017!   I shared with this group that I haven’t worked with a Senior class that contained as many genuinely positive students. Students that come to school each day with a smile on their face.  They love life and it rubbed off on all of us.  Class of 2017, we will miss you!


Academically, DCHS & ALC students performed well in our MCA Tested areas: 10th Grade Reading, 10th Grade Science and 11th Grade Math.  Reading scores were up 16.3% and Science 11.3%.  Way to go to our Sophomore students!  Math scores were slightly down, but we are making plans to address areas that need improvement.  Test scores help us gauge “where we are at”, but they aren’t the only measures.  ACT scores would be another and we are looking forward to those final results.  Classroom performance, participation and rich discussions are also ways we can assess performance, albeit without a number we equate to learning.  Our students and our teachers are to be commended for finding the balance between focusing on test scores and creating authentic learning experiences in classrooms where ability and interest vary.  Teaching and learning is more “art” than science.

The cumulative efforts of our students and staff in the area of academics lead to a very positive end again this year.  On Sunday, June 5th, we proudly watched 181 Seniors turn their tassels and become Charger Alumni.  This event is the culmination of 13 years of collaboration among families, the community & the school and it gives me chills every time!


As we wrap up this year, our focus shifts to the next.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student’s schedule do not hesitate to contact the Guidance Office.  If you are a family looking to move to the area, please contact me.  I would love to share with you why Dassel-Cokato is such a special place!


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