FLY– Future Lies in You

Mentorship Program 

Mentoring someone is both an important responsibility and worthy opportunity.  D/C high school students who choose to assume this role must make a strong commitment to conduct their own lives in a manner that provides a positive role model for their middle school mentees. Mentors must also agree to find time to maintain consistent contact with their mentees in order to establish a relationship that allows for the development of friendship, trust, communication, and personal improvement.
To apply for a mentorship assignment you must:
  • Submit a recommendation form from a D/C high school staff member.
  • Agree to meet with your mentee at least once per week for a reasonable period of time.
  • Agree to attend mentorship breakfasts, meetings, and field trips.
  • Agree to encourage your mentee to establish and achieve academic, social, and character goals in accordance with the school’s character pillars.
  • Agree to model in your own life the positive attributes that you would want to cultivate in your mentee’s life.