Academic Eligibility 

Academic Eligibility encourages students in activities to have passing grades in all classes. If a student falls behind in credits their eligibility to participate in activities can be revoked. Academic Eligibility is a preventative measure to remind students in activities that academics should be top priority.
The week before the dates listed below a report will be created of all students in activities with an “F” in any class. The student will receive an Academic Eligibility slip on the first day of the week from the high school office. The student has until 3:10 p.m. on the Academic Eligibility date to return the slip signed by the teacher of the class the student is failing.  If a student is passing or the teacher notes the student “IS ELIGIBLE” on the form no consequence will occur. The consequences for being ineligible are listed below:
1st Offense – You will be ineligible for the next scheduled competition
2nd Offense – Unable to participate in competitions for 2 weeks or until the end of the season (whichever is shorter)
End of Trimester – If a grade of “F” is received for the course, he/she will be ineligible to participate in competition/performance for a period of 2 weeks beginning with the next scheduled competition