D-C High School Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement:

Dassel-Cokato High School will promote positive relationships, personal responsibility and academic rigor to prepare students for success in a changing world.

DCHS Vision Statements

Adopted: 3-5-09

Positive Relationships

We believe in:

establishing positive relationships by valuing respect, honesty and trust.
creating positive connections to the school community among students, families and staff.
promoting teamwork, communication and unity among students families and staff.

Personal Responsibility

We believe in:

promoting student ownership of behaviors, decisions and academic success.
encouraging and modeling honesty, integrity and accountability in all school related settings.
encouraging student participation within the school and community.

Academic Rigor

We believe in:

challenging students to reach their individual, academic potential.
creating experiences that encourage critical thinking and problem solving.
offering a variety of opportunities to help students discover their interests and potential post-high school options.