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21st Century Education Research & Resources

Research and Leadership

Framework for 21st Century Learning (Leading organization) 
Digital Literacy (US Government site)
21st Century Learning (Leaders in 21st Century Ed)
Edutopia (Education Research and Ideas)
eSchool News (school topics regarding tech)
MN Learning Commons (State of MN) 
Project Red (nationally supported group)


eText Blog (future of text books)
21st Century Schools Blog - Authored by Anne Shaw
Steven Weber's Blog on ASCD Edge
Becoming a 21st Century School - find out how to create your 21st century school.
The state of Technology (blog and surveys) 
Techmeme (tech news in one spot)
Life in the 21st century workforce (Gates and U of Arizona)
Free Technology for Teachers (free tech resources and tech reviews-blog)
The Innovative Educator (creative teaching ideas-blog)
MindShift (research, policy, and cultural issues-blog)
Stephen’s Web (online media in education-blog)
Technology with Intention (tech integration-blog)
ZDNet Education (tech reviews for education, ed-tech business news blog)

Free Online Textbooks/Courses

Education for the Information Age (online textbook for teachers)

1:1 Resources

 Articles and Research

Only as effective as the teacher (eSchool)
A study of 1:1 in math and science (Henrico HS)
A computer for every student (Irving HS) 
School will change, with or without following rules (MindShift)
Little Falls Gets Real About iPads (newspaper story) 
iPad helps cut school costs (Kare11) 
Laptops for learning (task force study)
One to one computing: the last piece of the puzzle (eSchool news)
One to one learning with laptops (blog) 
1:1 on the rise (the journal)
Education's Guide to Mobile Devices (eSchool)
Breaking through barriers to learning (eSchool)
Technology that stretches ed tech dollars (eSchool)
Interactive Learning in a Connected Classroom (eSchool) 
Boosting Math Skills Through Personalized Instruction (eSchool) 
Managing Funds (Tech & Learning)
Illinois I-Connect (Technology Immersion Pilot Project) 
North Carolina Funding Triangle (partnerships) 
Transforming Your School With E-Rate (white paper)
Indiana ditches textbooks for laptops (NYTimes) 
Kansas leading the fight for fair eBook access in labraries (Information Today) 
eBook survey shows dramatic growth (Library Journal) 
BYOT (Bring your own technology--podcast) 
Learning with Technology: The impact of laptops on student performance(paper)
Wireless Writing Project (Vancouver) 
The Effect of Computers on Students Writing (Journal of Techology, Learning and Assessment)
Learning with Technology: The Impact of Laptop Use on Student Achievement (Journal of Techonlogy, Learning and Assessment) 
Project Based Learning (ideas and planning) 
How to bring our schools out of the 20th century (Time)
Educating the Net Generation (Educause) 
Keys to Implementing a Laptop Program (Education World) 
Successful Strategies for MLTI Schools (Maine initiative) 
Learning from Laptops 
Lessons Learned about Providing Laptops to All Students (NEIR-TEC)
Obama's Tech Recovery Plan (eSchool News) 
Teens and the Internet (PEW) 
Teens, the Internet and Communication Technology (PEW) 
Evaluation of the Kent Technology Academy (2007)
Critical Inquiry in the age of social media (ALA) 
P.D.A. in the Library (Inside Higher Ed)
Why there's no Kindle freedom in libraries (Inside Higher Ed)
What students don't know (Inside Higher Ed) 
Mobile picks up steam (Inside Higher Ed) 
A home for netbooks at school (the Journal) 
The state of tech podcast (tablets-1 hour) 
Do Netbooks Have Net Worth? 
Going online: Teachers aim for cheap digital text books 
How to teach young children in the digital age (eSchool News) 
Annual report reveals online learning's rapid rise (eSchool News) 
Schools turn to in-house experts for tech training (US News & World Report)
The Last Person (Friedman, NYTimes)
Creating Laptop Success: Training is the Key (Teaching Today) 
Laptop Insurance form (Maine) 
My Teacher is an App (Wall Street Journal) 
Flipping for Beginners (Harvard Education Letter) 
Mentoring and Coaching for Successful Tech Integration (Edutopia) 
Kobo Announces $99 eReader (Media Beat) 
Coaching, the New Leadership Skill (ASCD) 
Coaching and Mentoring: There is a Difference 
Coaching and Mentoring Links (index) 
Is a tablet better than an e-reader for students? (tecca)
iPads in schools: Replacing Backpacks (Education Week Teacher) 
The beginning of the end of Adobe Flash (CNN Money)
Measuring 1:1 Results (the Journal) 
School Districts Struggle with Laptop Repair (eSchool News) 
Mooresville Graded Schools (Virginia 1:1) 
Does your school's IT prepare your students for their future or your past?(white paper) 
Survey of school administrators (EdTech)
What does research say? (Brief) 
LF to add digital learning specialist (Morrison Co Record) 
Saco Students Get High Tech Head Start 
Rural Students Lost in Connectivity Gap 
iPad Pilot in Willmar 
With online testing on the horizon, infrastructure could be a challenge 
College Students Go Without Textbooks as Costs Rise 
Georgia's largest district launches all digital learning platform 
The New Digital Divide 
With online testing, infrastructure could be a challenge 
Nevis continues to pursue tablet computers 
Tech Planning Thoughts 
Online School in the Summer 
As budgets get stretched, schools turn to free digital tools (w/ list)
Ed Project Evaluation Guidelines 
Islands in the Stream: Academic Technology, Digital Copyright, and The TEACH Act 
YouTube launches a section just for schools 
Comparing Google Apps to Microsoft Live 
10 Biggest stories of 2011: iPads 
10 Biggest stories of 2011: BYOD 
Prepare students for their future, not your past 
Setting up 1 to 1: Classroom Management (MS site) 
1:1 Laptop Program: Planning for Success (to do list)
Experts share their ed-tech predictions for 2012 
Digital classrooms: Is the investment paying off? 
Minnetonka Technology Archive 
Unique Challenges Facing IT Professionals in K12 Schools 
6 ingredients for the 21st Century classroom 
Educational apps for early learners see huge jump 
Teacher Technology Change (well written research report)
Teacher Collaboration with Digital Tools 
Apple Unveils Interactive Textbooks, Revamped iTunes U 
Winners and Losers (in Apple Textbook authoring)
Teacher Collaboration with Digital Tools (eSchool News) 
eBook pilot could save college students a 'huge amount of money' 
$3M gaming project could help spark STEM education 
Apple iBooks 2 license agreement gets icy reception in higher ed 
Feds Look To Accelerate E-Textbook Adoption with 'Digital Textbook Playbook' 
New report examines international ed-tech policies 
Dover-Eyota Netbook Program 
One district's experience with iPads 
Digital Learning: What Kids Really Want 
Can BYOT programs help bridge the digital divide? (Mankato)
Model classroom project focuses on technology use 
The Digital Learning Imperative (study) 
$30 textbooks coming for five intro college courses 
Free textbooks coming for five intro college courses 
OpenStax (free textbook initiative) 
Mooresville's Shining Example (NY Times) 
A first-hand look inside a flipped classroom 
21 Things that will be Obsolete by 2021 
Prepping for the e-future
Results of the Maine Laptop Initiative 
One to One Literature Review 
Project Red Literature Review 
Instructional Design (Irving Schools) 
Educational Outcomes of 1:1 (Arizona State) 
Mass Customized Learning’: The key to education reform? 
Study finds classroom technology has positive effect on student learning 
How to make one-to-one computing a success 
Minnetonka iPad initiative (Kare 11) 
Quantitative Studies on 1 to 1 
One To One Computing (Literature Review) 
Classroom Management with 1-1 
The Waterbed Effect in K-12 Education (the Journal)
Using mobile devices as student response systems (video)
Building 21st Century Writings (in a 1-1 environment) 
4 Keys to creating effective online learning programs 
iPad App for notetaking 
Realizing the power of ‘open’ to transform higher education 
Online Teacher of the Year: Individualized instruction is key 
College students: Tablets will replace textbooks by 2017 
Tablets Haven't Killed the PC Yet 
Going Paperless (podcast) 
Rebuilding the LMS for the 21st Century (21st c. learning)
Review: International laptop program does not improve education (due to poor staff development)
Facebook returns to its roots with Groups for Schools 
Ed-tech best practices: April 2012 
Teachers, parents want more technology 
The need to digitize materials in the next 5 years 
Student Research: The right information at the right time 
The road ahead for 1-1
Lessons from 1:1 adopters (the)
One to One Computing in Schools (state-wide)
One to One Institute (main page)


EdNet Insight Research 2014 (Part I Ed & Ed Industry)
EdNet Insight Research 2014 (Part II Ed Materials)
EdNet Insight Research 2014 (Part III Ed Tech)
Ed Net Insight Research 2014 (Part IV Ed Services)

Policies and Documents (examples)

Becker iPad information (documents, etc.) 
Minnetonka 1:1 resources (policies, etc. iPad) 

School Sites and Resources

Becker iPad information (documents, etc.)
1 to 1 laptops for learning (a school study group) 
East Carver Co. Technology Levy (school site for 1:1) 
Kent School One to One (school website) 
NSBA Conference Notes (Kent School-Washington)
Chaska (technology referendum)
Henrico Co. Virginia (white paper--5 yrs with laptops) 
Tahoma, WA (pilot) 

Best Practices

How to engage students online (Teacher Learning Community) 

Directories of 1:1 Information

List of student 1:1 laptop sites (another school study group)
One-to-one (One to One Institute, a nat'l non-profit)
One-to-One Institute (a different nat'l instutute)
1:1 Schools (.net)
1:1 Schools (index of information) 
AALF (1:1 resources and links) 
Laptop Initiatives Report (6 state summary) 

Study Tools

Conference Materials

Conference Notes (Tech Services Sample Site)


10 Tips for planning (eSchool News) 

Reviews of Initiative Implementation

Blended and Online Learning Resources and Course Materials


erdc Moodle User Group (login required) 
 (downloadable courses) 
Moodle Add-On for Office (edit Moodle docs w/o upload)
Installing Moodle plugin (video)
Best practices for Moodle in K-12 education (webinar)
The Good Teacher
 (Using MoodleDocs)
Moodle Plug-In Directory 
Moodle Plug-In (for commenting on posts) 
Moodle Plug-in Directory
Creating a quiz in Moodle (Youtube) 
Using Groups in Moodle (Youtube) 
Groupings in Moodle (Youtube pt.2-for 2 sections of 1 class) 
NROC Courses (Mr. Beckermann has password)
Moodle Rooms (some instructional links) 

Open-Source Textbooks/Content

MN OER (from MN Learning Commons)
MN Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum
 (MN textbooks)
OER Commons
 (directory of OER matierals) 
CK12 Flexbooks
 (California state initiative and more)
CK12 Tutorials (videos) 
Boundless (search for textbook and get free alternatives) 
Wikibooks (free online textbook material)
Wikibooks, WikiJunior 
OpenStax (free textbook initiative)
OER (Open Educational Resources Directory w/ reviews) 
Hippocampus (math, science, social, create playlists, etc.) 
National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) 
Saylor (Free online education-many subjects) 
MERLOT (peer reviewed online materials) 
Online Grammar (made with moodle) 
dotepub (turn file into ePub or Mobi, won't work at school) 
dotepub video tutorial (YouTube) 
Online Colleges (list and links) 
Udacity (free online college courses) 
Turning Wikipedia into an eBook (CNN) 
Mathmatics Vision Project (by Utah state gov't) 
Library of Congress Materials (search by standards) 
US (US History, US Government, Ancient Civ.)
Project Gutenberg (free, out-of-copyright books) 
Lit2Go (free audio books in mp3 format) 
US History text from (pdf format)
Open Course Library (OER college course materials) 
Wellcome Trust (UK sciences site) 
Open Professionals Education Network (find OERs) 
Search Creative Commons (open images, etc.) 
Open Education (British Columbia) 
List of open source textbooks (from BC) 
Open Access Textbooks (OATS--a list-directory) 
OpenClass (Online course building with OER Exchange, searchable directory from Pearson) (free math courses for moodle) 
Edready (powerful NROC for math/English due in 2014) 
Shmoop for Schools (online resources) 
TedEd (Ted talks with teacher tools like lesson builder, quizzes and pre-viewing activities--requires YouTube) 
OpenEd (Flipped Classroom for Common Core) 
PowerMyLearning (Free resources, search by commom core) 
Gooru Learning (search for free courses and content) 
Curriki (free learning resources) 
Blossoms (MIT Math and Science videos and simulations) 
Open Textbook Library (catalog of open textbooks, open lic.) 
Connexions (free modules, organize into books)
Arxiv (e-prints in sciences from Cornell, all open access) 
Open MOOCs (all open licensed) 
Directory of Open Access Journals (lists open journals) 
PubMed (all NIH funded pubs free here) 
Public Library of Science (all open licensed) 


Khan Academy (math, science, etc. videos) 
Organic Chemistry
 (online courses) 
Wolfram Education Portal (Math-Science interactives, texts) 
CK12 Flexbooks (California state initiative and more) 
Open Source College Algebra and Trig Textbook 
Hippocampus science simulations 
Hippocampus (math, science)


MIT Platform Wars (business simulation) 


Harvard Open Learning (online courses) 
Princeton Online Courses (free classes) 
Open Yale Course (online videos) 
Yale Art History (online courses) 
Flatworld (Open college texts)

Curriculum Repositories 

Curriki (open curriculum sharing site) 
 (free algebra course) 
 (resources, lessons, practice-coming soon) 
Minnesota Learning Commons
 (from MN Dept. of Ed) 
Online courses from MN Commons 
Connexions (teaching modules) 
Smarthistory (videos-experts debate art) 
Learning Registry (idea repository from US Gov) 
Good Typing (online typing course) 
Thinkfinity (lessons and interactives)
Sophia (online units with multimedia) 
Sophia (free college prep courses) 
National Repository For Online Courses 
Hippocampus (Math, Science, Social Studies) 
Literature Lesson Index 
Innovative Activities (Activities, Bell Ringers, etc.) 
OER (Online Resource Evaluation Tool) 
Coursera (Free Online College Course) 
BetterLesson (Lesson Sharing Site) 
LearnZillion (Lesson sharing for common core) 
OpenTapestry (Lesson sharing in the open world) 
PowerMyLearning (Online Interactives) 
ShareMyLesson (Digital Learning Resources from AFT)


Improving Reading through adaptive online instruction 
Blended Learning 
The eSchool Webinar, Erasing the Limits: Sharpening Your Students’ Edge while Watching Your Bottom Line through Blended Learning 
Collaborize Classroom and Online Participation 
9 Ed Tech Predictions for 2012 (podcast) 
Creating Student eFolios with Google Sites
 (Moodle Course) 
Alternatives to student clickers (by a HS)
Achieving Information Literacy and Competency (turnitin)
Plagiarism and the Web (turnitin) 
Virtual Writing Instruction (turnitin) 
Tegrity and the Flipped Classroom (eSchool News) 
Finding the Bucks (CMLE) 
Art of the Flipped Classroom (eSchool News) 
The Art of the Flipped Classroom pt. 2 (Mastery)
Going Paperless (podcast) 
Making Thinking Visible with the Flipped Classroom (eSchool News) 
Podcast on Flipped Classroom (The State of Tech)
Many Uses of Online Learning (connections) 
3 Flipped Classroom Webinars 
The Digital Transition: An LMS Success Story (1:1 phase 1) 

Staff Development

Willard Schools Example (using Moodle)
Fayette School Example (using Moodle) 
Moodle as a PD-Staff Dev Tool (example) 
Education for the Information Age
 (online textbook for teachers)
ASCD (iTunes U staff development videos)
Online Blended Learning Course (can take for free or credit) 
Online and Blended Learning Teacher Certification Program

Resources For Online Instruction

Online Student Code of Conduct 
Consent form for students under 13 
Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines 

Understanding Blended Learning

The Rise of Blended Learning (really good study!) 
Classifying Blended Learning
 (Christensen Institute Update) 
Blended Learning
Blended Learning eBook
 (Flipped Classroom, etc.)
E-Learning Competencies

The International Association of K-12 Online Learning
Blended Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education (iNACOL)
Workshop website with links to resources (District 287) 
Online and Blended Learning Teacher Certification Program

Instructional Strategies 

Online learning standards for teachers (iNACOL)
Promising Practices in Online Learning
Designing and Orchestrating Online Discussions 
Evernote For Intermediate Portfolios
Digital Learning Now 
Promising Practices in Online Learning 
How To Teach Online with Screensharing and Screencasts 
Should You Flip Your Classroom? 
Designing and Orchestrating Online Discussions 
Technology in Math (Podcast) 
Classroom Management and Instructional Design 1-1 
Blended Learning Integration Keys (white paper) 
Meeting HOTS and Learning Styles 
SAMR Integration Levels (a YouTube Overview) 
New Prague Blog (Tech Integration Ideas) 

Online Discussion Strategies

Flipped Classroom

Flipping for Beginners (Harvard Education Letter) (flipped content) 
Clintondale HS (flipped HS) 
Los Alisos MS (flipped MS)

Videos for Instruction

The Kahn Academy (math and science tutorial videos)
School Tube (educational videos)
The Story of Stuff (science videos) 
TeacherTube (educational videos)
Teachers Domain (science videos w/ free registration)
WatchKnow (educational videos by subject)
WatchKnowLearn (educational videos by subject)
Flipped Learning Videos (over 1,000 vids) (flipped content in several content areas, w/ quizzes) 
Academic Earth (online lectures, etc.) 
Harvard Open Courses (open learning initiative)

Local Video Hosting

Kaltura Server (Beta--Hosting Local Video)
KeepVid (get YouTube videos and more)


Mobi Pocket Reader (eReader) 
Calibre (ePub authoring) 
Google Bookmarks (for student bookmarks)

Articles and Research

In defense of online education (Inside Higher Ed)
Far From Honorable (Inside Higher Ed) 
6 Easy Steps to Online Success (Campus Technology)
The Rise of K-12 Blended Learning (Article about the study)
Technology in Math (Podcast) 
Flipped Learning (w/ resources, videos) 
The Rise of Blended Learning (really good study!)
The Good Teacher (MoodleDocs)
The Flipped Classroom (case study) 

Web 2.0 Resources

Organize-Plan-Prewrite (online brainstorm tool)
Noodle Tools
 (citations, outlining, notetaking) 
 (turn in papers and check originality) 
 (online meeting scheduler)
 (bookmarking site)

Produce-Create-Display Learning

Google Apps (for D-C Students and Staff)
 (create presentations) 
 (online poster maker) 
 (make word clouds)
Tagxedo (create pictures from words)


Google Earth
Google SketchUp (creat 3D drawings)

Free Media

MorgueFile (pictures) 
Geek Philosopher (royalty free web images)
Creative Commons (check the license for each)

Check for understanding

ThatQuiz (Interactive Quizzes online--Math, Science, Vocabulary)
MangaHigh (Math game) 
Quizlet (online flashcards for many subjects) 
Study Blue (largest online flashcard site) 
Kahoot (online quizzes, polling, games) 
Socrative (online student response system) 


Sketch Toy (draw over graph paper)

Up and Coming

Pixlr (photo editing-like Photoshop but online) 
Flipsnack (create an online flipbook) 
diigo (online bookmarking, sharing, sticky-notes, etc.)
diigo (directions) 
Piclit (creative writing with pictures) 
Crocodoc (markup and share pdfs, word docs, images)
VoiceThread (create online video and photo stories) 
VoiceThread Digital Library (examples)
Voicethread registration page (free VT teacher account) 
Quizlet (online flashcards by topic) 
Lucidchart (concept mapping) 
Mapul (concept mapping)


Comic Creator (ToonDoo) 
Comic Creator (Strip Creator) 
Comic Creator (Read-Write-Think) 
Comic Creator (Make Beliefs) 
Comic Creator (Marvel Super Hero) 
Creaza (online mind mapping, video, audio, cartoon editor)

Word Clouds

Wordle (The original)
 (create pictures from words)
Tagul (picture word clouds-more difficult) 
VocabGrabber (visual thesaurus) 
Tag Galaxy
Tag Crowd

Google Apps Resources

Google Docs Info (from AASL Conference)

Noodle Tools Resources


Edmodo (create a classroom social network) 
Evernote (online repository for images, notes, etc.) 
Password Meter (check password security)
Scribblemaps (interactive maps wtih Google Earth) 
Spicynodes (webbed web links) 
GoSoapBox (participation) 

Photo Editing

Aviary (photo and audio editing, screen capture) 
Pic Resize (resize and edit pictures free online)
flickr (online photo hosting and editing)


JayCut (online movie editor) 
Wink (create software tutorials with screenshots, etc.) 
Zoho (suite of free online tools)


VozMe (text to voice to mp3 all online--easy)
Podcasting (overview and links)
Podcast Alley (links to thousands of podcasts)
Podscope (podcast search engine)


Timeline (registration required-xtimeline) 
Dipity (timelines)


Cindy Patton's Tismo page of links (flashcards, slideshows, go animate, Toondo, Glogster, panaramio, slideshare, wordpress, wallwisher, 280 slides, prezi, terraclues, wikispaces, surveymonkey, animoto, live polling, pbworks)
Go To Web 2.0 (directory of web 2.0 tools)
Mrs. Carlson's Prezi (Geo Conference) 
Teaching History With Timelines (and other web 2.0 tools) 
Technology Integration Tools (MO school district) 
21st Century School Teacher (list of resources) 
Interactive Internet Resources (great for SMART Board Use)

Lesson Planning Resources

Lesson Plan Resources

Discovery School Lesson Plans (by grade/subject)
Get Stem (science, tech, engineering, math for MN)
Kathy Schrock's Guide (a wealth of ideas!)
Marco Polo (Lesson Plans tied to standards)
McRel Lesson Plans (by subject and subtopics)
mfa Educators Online (Art)
NY Times Daily Lesson Plan (by subject area)
Smithsonian Lesson Plans (with search)
getSTEM (MN portal for science and tech)
Teachers.Net--Lesson Plans (by subject)
Teacher Readiness (U of M directory of classes and training)
USGS Education Resources for Teachers (Geography)

Microsoft Templates

Microsoft Office Games 
PowerPoint Activities 
Parade of Games


Computer Lab Favorites (50+ activities)
Internet4Classrooms (PowerPoint templates, games) 
Story Starters for Each Day (interactive spin wheel)
Spelling Words (make a scramble or word search)
Global Trek (plan and journal about global travels)
It's Greek to Me (word roots)

SMART for Math

Illumations (over 100 math applets)
Interactivate (virtual manipulatives)


Professional Development Resources

ASCD (educational topics)
Brain Connection (brain research, strategies)
CARET (centers on science and technology)
CITE (Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education)
CNN Education News (education news and student news video stream)
Converge (online technology magazine)
Digital Literacy (US Government resources) 
District Administration (education news for all)
Education Week (news site)
Edutopia (George Lucas Foundation for teaching innovation)
eSchool News Online (educational tech news)
freetechforteachers (great resource for free tech tools) 
Layered Curriculum (differentiation)
Learning Now (PBS Technology Blog)
Minnesota Dept. of Education (state testing resources)
NWEA (our testing service with resources) 
PBS TeacherSource (one of best teacher sites on web)
Rubistar (Great online tool for creating rubrics)
Rubrics (teacher created rubrics)

Audio and Video Resources

The Kahn Academy (math and science tutorial videos)
School Tube (educational videos)
The Story of Stuff (science videos) 
TeacherTube (educational videos)
Teachers Domain (science videos w/ free registration)
WatchKnow (educational videos by subject)
WatchKnowLearn (educational videos by subject)
Safeshare (show Youtube w/o ads or previews)
YouTube Chop (cut down YouTube Videos) 
Cable in the Classroom (Listings-Directory) +
Minnesota Video Vault (archives of MN public TV)
Netsafe NetBasics (web safety videos-annimated)
Lit2Go (audio books through St. Cloud)
PDF Online Reader (to annotate pdfs)
Pdf Merge (merge several pdf docs into one)
Type Talker (speech to text)

Training & Tutorial Resources

Office 2010 Training

Microsoft Office Training Videos (Microsoft)
Microsoft Training (need login and password) 
Microsoft Live
Atomic Learning (free tutorials)
LTS Online Computer Tutorials (UW-Eau Claire)
On-Line Practice Modules (Tutorials for computer programs)

Tutorials (Only Available on DCHS Campus)

Multi-Media Tools for Teachers

Convert pdf to word (easy and fast converter)
Format Factory (media converter--Free Shareware)
MediaConverter (get YouTube videos and more)
Pdf Creator (free download)
Pdf Merge (merge several pdfs into one document) 
PDF Escape (add text fields on pdf documents) 
KeepVid (get YouTube videos and more) 
ePub converter (free app to convert doc to ePub format) 
Crocodoc (allows you to annotate digital content)
Clip Converter (YouTube, conversions, etc.)
Pdf to Word (converter) (free online photo editor--i.e. Photoshop 4.0)
Softpedia (Free software and portable media)
ZamZar (convert files and get YouTube videos)

Media Center Materials


 Finding Lexile Levels for Textbooks (not great for textbooks)

State of MN Education Links


Primary and Secondary Sources (YouTube Video 4:35. Excellent)
Spritz (read faster)
SMART Research Tutorial (videos with quizzes)
Quest Online Help (Science)