Media Center Subject Area Websites


USDA (food pyramid, food safety, etc. for students)

Arts (Humanities):

AMICO: Art Museum Image Consortium
Arts Alive (Canadian National Arts Centre)
ArtsConnectEd, (Walker Art Center)
Arts Edge (Kennedy Center)
Arts Every Day (Award Winning Site)
ArtsHeaven (Directory of Art Links) 
Arizona Opera 
Canon Camera Simulator (take a picture!) 
Classroom Creativity and Art Resources 
Color Scheme Designer 3 (choose the right colors!) 
Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
Essentials of Music (200+ classical excerpts)
Google Art Project (walk through famous museums)
Jazz--A Historyof America's Music (PBS)
Le Louvre 
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center (free online performances)
Museum of Modern Art
Music Games (Name that woodwind, etc.)
Name that Color (create a color and name it)
National Gallery of Art 
NEA Jazz in Schools
PBS Great Projects (Architecture with interactive labs, guides, etc.)
Pennsylvania Ballet
Phil Tulga (connecting music to other curricular areas)
Photography (CNN do's and don'ts) 
Photography (Short Courses) 
Smithsonian American Art Museum (with activities) 
Southwest Minnesota Arts and Humanities Council (Grants, etc.)
Stationary Art Projects for Kids (Links to Project Ideas/Technique)
Tate Kids
 (Interactive and varied art activities)
Timeline of Art History
Turning the Pages (Classic Brit. books allow you to turn pages.)


Yahoo Finance (news, research, charts, stocks)
Craigslist (online sales)
FDIC Smart Money for Kids (
Platform Wars (business simulation from MIT)
Yelp (business reviews--restaurants, etc.)
Office of Traffic Safety
DCHS Health, PE and Driver Ed links

Computer Programming

Cargo-Bot (Teach a robot to move crates) 
Codecademy: Hour of Code (Learn basic code structure)
Alice (Object oriented programming)
HacketyHack (Programming basics with Ruby)
LearnStreet (Programming lessons with activities)
Mozilla Thimble (Write and edit HTML)
Tynker (Popular in school for intro to programming)
Scratch (Program games, stories, animations)
Daisy the Dinosaur (Drag and drop for all ages)
Code Monster (Focus on action)
Kodu (Visual programming for games) 


Geography of the 50 States
Geography Zone (Identify Countries--Interactive Quiz Contest!)
GeoSpy (National Geography Game--Awesome!) 
Greatest Places (Virtual journey)
National Geographic Xpeditions (Lessons, Activities, Maps)
National Geographic Geography Bee Quiz Questions
NationMaster (Compare places by statistics)
StateMaster (Compare states by statistics)
World Geography Quizzes & Games


Blue Zones (4 week health and wellness challenge)
Discovery Health
First Aid Advice Online
Health (BBC)
Kid Outdoors (activity ideas)
Medical Mysteries (games and instruction)
NIDA for Teens (Drug abuse resources)
NIH News in Health
P.E. Central (premier web site for PE teachers)
Spark People (wellness site) 
Teens Health
Wired for Health

Language Arts

6 Traits of Writing
American Writers (C-Span--American Writers)
American Writers (Investigate writers & their sources)
Biography Maker (Step by step guide)
Book and Film Club Guides (PBS) 
Bubbl (online mind mapping tool)
Canadian Shakeseare (great resources) 
Romeo and Juliet (interactive online version) 
Cause and Effect (Graphic Organizers)
Citation Machine (Create Works Cited Entries for Research)
Daily Grammar (Bell work or email lessons)
Debate Central (view debates)
English Daily (Interactive lessons, grammar, etc.)
English Literature (Medieval, Renaissance and 17th Century from Norton's Anthology--Awesome!) +
Favorite Poem Project (Lessons, etc.)
Fern's Poetry Club
Gliffy (create diagrams and flowcharts)
GoogleLitTrips (uses Google Earth)
Grammar Bytes (Interactive exercises, worksheets)
Guide to Different Kinds of Essays
Hamlet Quiz
High School Journalism (by Newspaper Editors)
HOLT Interactive Graphic Organizers
Information Cycle (by Penn State-Flash Video) 
Literature Links and Resources 
Literary Movements (Am. Lit. timelines, authors...)
Magnetic Poetry (Kids' page)
Mind42 (Collaborative Mind Mapping Tool)
MindMeister (Mind Mapping Tool)
Modern American Poetry
Name that Literary Element (Glencoe)
National Poetry Month (
OSLIS Citation Maker
OWL Family of Sites (Great Online Writing Lab) +
Pro-Con (shows both sides of issues) 
Piclit (creative writing with pictures) 
SAS Communications Pathways (online writing eval) 
Schmoop (U of Berkeley & Stanford--Literature links and info)
Vocab Ahead (vocab explained with video) 
Writing Reviser (Becky Thielsen has directions)


American Verse Project (U. of Michigan)
Bartleby Verse (largest collection on web)
Elements of Poetry (with exercises)
Fooling with Words (Bill Moyers)
Glossary of Poetic Terms
Handbook of Rhetorical Devices 
Poem in Your Pocket (Nat'l Poetry Month-Pick a poem!)
Poems that Go (a look at poetic layout on the page)
Poetry Class 
Poetry 180 (A poem a day from Library of Congress)
Poetry Archives
Poetry Idea Engine (Scholastic)
Poetry Foundation (Publisher of Poetry Magazine) (making poetry fun) (Lessons, poems, biography)
Princeton Review Vocab Minute
Read-Write-Think (Student & Teacher Materials)
Read-Write-Think (Online interactive tools!) +
Ready or Not Writing (Online paper submission & resources)
The Research Process (another OSLIS Cite)
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Teaching That Makes Sense (Reading & Writing)
Vocab Tests (SAT Prep.)
Web English Teacher (Innumerable teaching ideas!)
What Rhymes with Squirrel? (Online poetry activities)
The Writing Fix (6 Traits materials)
The Writing Site (Indiana State Test help page)


Algebra Lab (Math for use in Science Classes)
Area of Triangles (Flash activity from NCTM)
Brightstorm (Free math tutorial videos) 
Calc Chat (online calculus help--phone app too) 
Center for Tech and Teacher Ed (Tech for Math)
Chance News (Current events & probability/stats)
Columbian Norther HS (Great list of math resources) 
Create a Graph 
Cut the Knot (over 900 math applets to illustrate concepts) 
Electronic Examples of NCTM Standards
Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section 
Free Algebra Textbook (link to original blog post
GapMinder (stats, graphs, interactives, etc.) 
Geometry (area)
Grand Prix Multiplication (Race game with multiplication) 
GraphCalc (Free graphing calculator of PC) 
Graph Paper (Print for free) 
History of Mathematics (over 1300 biographies) 
MangaHigh (highly rated math game--free) 
MathBits (links, lessons and activities)
Mathematics Illuminated (online course, text, etc.) 
Math Forum (Drexel U) 
Math in Daily Life (activities)
Math-Kitechture (Architecture, math, computers)
Math Materials for Tomorrow's Teachers (applets)
Math Playground (games and activities)
Math Tools (library of tech tools for math)
Mathlets (Online Applets for Math Exploration)
Math Nexus (portal to online resources) 
Math Simulations (NASA) 
Math Tools (from Math Forum) 
Mathway (Put in a problem; it will solve it and show work.)
Math Videos 
Millenium Mathematics Project (British) 
MSTE Resources (math and science applications)
Multiplication Games
Nat'l Library of Virtual Manipulatives (K-College)
NCTM (Illuminations, activities)
nRich (Math enrichments) 
Ohio Math Works (for 7-9 grade--math & jobs)
Open Reference (simulations K-8) 
PiInteractive (Pi converted to music) 
Prime: Mathematics Encyclopedia
Problems with a Point (Math problems for 6-12)
PurpleMath (Algebra help, tutorials, quizzes, etc.)
Seeing Math (making math visual for students) 
Schooltimegames (games for math and other areas)
Scientific Calculator (free online) 
Shapes, Space & Measurement Resources 
Share My Lesson (Algebra) 
Shodor Curriculum Materials (for math)
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Tangrams (online puzzles)
Virtual Nerd (many tutorial videos) 
Visual Dictionary of Math Terms 
Vocab Spelling City (free teacher account) 
Web Math (see how it's done) 
What is a dollar worth?


Ancient Greece (general information)
Classical Myth (images and text)
Encyclopedia Mythica (Gods and Goddesses)
Greek Mythology (a different site)
Perseus Digital Library. (Greeks and Romans)

Physical Education:

Baseball Rox (great training and reference materials)
Calorie King (nutritional facts) 


Animal Fact Guide (images, facts, teacher materials)
The Antarctic Sun (News from Antarctica)
Action Bioscience (7 bioscience challenges)
Atmosphere Design Lab (change and test atmospheric levels) 
Brightstorm (free science homework help videos)
Cell Image Library (cell pictures, videos, animations) 
ChemiCool (periodic table--interactive)
Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page (school-friendly weather page)
Dawn Kids (NASA)
Discovery Education Video Clips (browse topics from the TV show)
Dr. Saul's Biology in Motion (Activities, etc.)
Earth Science World (Am. Geological Institute)
EcoHealth (Environment, climate change, etc.)
Edheads (weather, simple machines, crash scene, etc.)
Entrez (life science search engine)
Exploratorium (museum of science, art, etc.)
Franklin's Forecast (Franklin Institute's weather page)
General Chemistry Online (Intro to College) 
Geology-USGS Videos (Animations from US Geological Society)
Goes-R (NASA-Weather Sattelites) 
Google Body (like google earth but for the body) 
Interactive Simulations (U of Colorado) 
Interactive Weather Maker (Scholastic, create weather)
Learning in Motion (top educational sites)
Magic Porthole (Coral Reefs)
Movebank (animal migration data) 
Name that Motion (Physics game)
Nano's Big Future (Nano Technology)
NASA Podcasts (solar system, space, etc.)
National Weather Service (official government site)
Newton's Apple (Twin Cities Public TV, many topics)
Nine (8) Planets (Info about solar system)
NOVA (view programs online)
Nova Science Now (NOVA archives)
PBS Kids (Activities, games, links--Dragonfly TV)
Periodic Table of Comic Books (Periodic Table in Comics) 
PHeT Interactive Science Simulator (U of Colorado Boulder) 
Plant Information (University of Minnesota)
PubGene (search biology and genetics)
Rader's Chem4Kids! (Chemistry materials!)
Robert Krampf (Science experiment videos)
Schoolyard Geology (Geology activities for your schoolyard)
Science Daily (great science news) 
Science Kids (bringing science and technology together) 
Science Lab (Science Online Lab--Gov't site) 
Science Today (University of California)
SciJinks Weather Laboratory (by NASA, interactive)
Scitable (from Nature--cell biology and genetics) 
Scirus (a search engine for science sites only)
SciVee (videos, etc. from Nat'l Science Foundation, et. al.)
STEM (resources, links, etc. for MN) 
The Space Place (NASA) 
US Geological Society and Science (Lots of resources!)
USGS Videos (Animations from US Geological Society)
Weather Links (commercial page with great external links) 
The Why Files (Science behind the news)

Social Studies

Academy of Achievement (online video, audio and print interviews)
AlternaTime (Timelines)
America's Story (from Library of Congress)
American Journeys (American Exploration)
Ancient Egypt (by British Museum)
Arab Net (News from an Arab pt. of view)
BBC--History (Games, Interactive Content, etc)
Chicago Public Library (online collection--Civil War, etc.)
Civics Online (by Michigan State)
Congress For Kids (activities and information)
Congress Link (ideas and resources for teachers) 
Conversations With History (transcripts of interviews)
Digital History (University of Houston)
Documenting the American South (Primary resources in 10 collections)
DocTeach (Nat'l Archives (Build interactive activities w/ primary docs) 
Ease History (campaign ads)
EyeWitness to History (first hand accounts)
Fact Check (political fact check from U of Penn)
FDR Presidential Library (primary resources!)
French Revolution Digital Archives (Stanford and French Nat'l Library) 
Frontier House (Planes, Trains and Spare Wagon Wheels) 
Geography Quiz Games (Middle East)
Global Connections (PBS--Middle East)
Historic Maps in K12 Classrooms (Newberry Library Chicago) 
History Detective (from PBS)
iCivics (with interactives) 
Intute (Social Sciences Search Engine)
Iraq & The War
Picture the 30s (take a virtual tour-like a video game) 
Learning Styles Quiz (online-10 min.)
Minnesota History Society (video archives 1940-1989)
NASA (Video Gallery)
Newseum (Newspaper archives, history)
New York Times Current Events (with lesson plans) 
NOVA (view programs online)
The Open Video Project (historical videos)
OurStory (Smithsonian History Activities) 
Perseus Digital Library. (Greeks and Romans)
The Pick Twelve Jury Game (for older students)
PowerPoint Palooza (history slide shows to download)
Psychology Sites (best of the web from Intute)
Research Channel (video library)
Shmoop (U of Berkely & Stanford--history links and resources)
Science Daily (Video Page) (gateway to gov't science materials)
Scribblemaps (interactive maps with Google Earth) 
StoryVault (first-hand accounts of history, video)
Teachable Moment (current events)
Tech President (Track Presidential Online Campaigns)
Tenement Museum (immigrants)
US Census (image gallery, stats, trends, etc.) 
Voice Nation Live (great links to many social studies sites!)
What Did You Do In The War Grandma? (student project example)
Wikitravel (Travel version of Wikipedia)


American Rhetoric (historical and famous speeches)
Gifts of Speech (speeches by women)
Pearson Public Speaking Website (6 modules on the process)
Persuasion Map (great interactive outlining tool)
Public Speaking (includes good animated introduction)
Public Speaking (instructions for 20+ types of speeches)
Speeches 101 (free 15 step course)
Video Gallery--Great Speeches (by History Channel)


MN STEM (career options)
Nasa eClips (connecting science, math and tech)
STEM Collaborative (tech-rich interactives) 

World Languages

Google Translate (Translate one language to another)
Internet Activities (teacher resources)
TravLang (many languages)

Cross Discipline

That Quiz (Online Interactive Quizzes)
Luminosity (online brain games and training)

Internet Safety

ThatsNotCool (cyber bullying, text harassment, etc.)


PowerMyLearning (links to resources, activities) 
PBS Learning Media (search by subject)