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American History Online
Ancient and Medieval History Online
Modern World History Online
World Geography and Culture Online
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Bloom's Literary Reference Online 

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Serif MoviePlus (video editing)
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Other Databases/Resources:


Wikipedia (For general info. only; don't cite!)
Debatabase (for debate topics, Int'l Debate Ed Assn) 
Pro-Con.org (for both sides of top issues) 
MNopedia (MN information from MN Historical Society) 


Destiny Quest (book visual search) 
Destiny (Traditional book search) 
Overdrive (ebooks) 
EBSCO ebooks (non-fiction) 
Google Books (some are not complete)
Southwest State(College English)
Central Minnesota Library Exchange (To order books & articles)


American FactFinder (Census Bureau)
CIA World Factbook 
Data.gov (data sets) 
Project Bartleby (Great resource!)
World Almanac (OCLC)
ACT (College Entrance Test)
Fastweb (Scholarships)
Federal Student Aid (Federal application-FAFSA)
MNCIS Into Careers (Find schools and careers-See Mr. Tool for login information.) 
ISeek (Employment & post-secondary ed.)
Digital Public Library of America (search)
 (LOC Congressional Record, etc.)
USA.gov (Portal of all US Gov. Sites)
Lexipedia (Thesaurus and language resource) 
Minnesota Web Directory (School Websites)
PubMed (National Library of Medicine)
Schmoop (Literature and History)
Wordsmyth (Online dictionary plus more) 
Maps & Atlases:
MapMachine (National Geographic)

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OWL Family of Sites (Writing Lab)
Read-Write-Think (Interactive Tools)
Hippocampus (Math, Science, Social, etc.)
Mathlets (Online Applets for Math)
ChemiCool (Interactive Periodic Table)
PhET (Interactive Science Simulations) 
Best History Sites (Index of Top Sites) 
ICivics (Powerful game/simulations) 
PBS Learning Media (Search by Subject)
Online Interactives (Math, Science, English, History, etc.)

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