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WGI Awards

Cheerleading Competition

Congratulations to the Dassel-Cokato Cheerleading Team for competing at the NHSCC National Cheerleading Competition on February 10th!

Wright County Conference Honor Band

2017-2018 Daily Schedule Change

We have some changes from last year. Advisory, last year’s Flex, will now be between 1st and 2nd period. We feel the change from Flex to Advisory will allow for a for a more effective use of student time. Students will have Advisory all 5 days of the week. The function and purpose of Advisory will continue to be to allow students to monitor their progress and get organized, complete school work, and get help from teachers. We will also have DCTV, class meetings, and time to complete other school business during Advisory to avoid interfering with other instructional time during the day. One day a week of Advisory will be devoted to Career and College Readiness. 

The late start day has also moved from Friday to Monday. This will allow the teachers the opportunity to meet in their Professional Learning Communities at the beginning of each each week. Monday 1st period will start at 8:25. The later start time of class Monday does not change bus times. Students can study in the high school library or visit with friends in the Commons before class begins. Tuesday through Friday the start time will be 8:07. We just wanted you to know in advance so you could plan accordingly.

New Daily Schedule

2017-2018 Academic Eligibility Dates

September 22, 2017
October 13, 2017
November 3, 2017
End of TRI 1

January 5, 2018
January 26, 2018
February 16, 2018
End of TRI 2

April 6, 2018
April 27, 2018
May 18, 2018
End of TRI 3

Weather Related Announcements

This year we are taking full-advantage of our Campus student system and added a feature that is able to contact all of our parents and staff in a very short period of time for important announcements from school. For late-starts, early-outs and cancellations Mr. Powers will use this system. Cell phone numbers, home phone numbers and other numbers for parents will be called with the notification . Mr. Powers will also contact radio and TV stations as he has done in the past. If you need to update your contact information, please contact the DCHS Office. (more)

ACT Prep Site Available

Minnesota Career Information System (MnCIS) and the new ACT Online Prep Course and Practice Tests are available to Dassel-Cokato students preparing to take the ACT.

The Online course allows students to take a pretest and then customizes lessons for them based on their pretest results. In addition to test content they also have some very good test strategies.

The other option students have is to take one of 3 practice tests in English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing. They can do this timed or untimed.

If students or parents have questions about this program, they should contact Mr. Tool in the HS guidance office.

Access ACT Prep here

Directions for logging in & setting up an account.







Laptop Information

The high school winner of the LEEA (Leadership in Education Award) is
Mr. Brian Westby. Congratulations!


Parent Portal Accounts

Infinite Campus is used to maintain all our student and family information. An exciting component of this software is the Parent Portal, which will allow parents better access to their children's grades, lunch account balances, standardized test scores, attendance records, contact information, and immunization records.

Please contact school secretary to activate your account.

Online Payment Center

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