D-C High School Student Handbook

We welcome you as a student of DCHS and hope you have a great experience here! Our goal is for you to succeed in high school as a means to prepare for success in life. We want students to leave DCHS with critical thinking skills and a post secondary plan that capitalizes on their passions and abilities. You will find that DCHS is a positive place because we strive each day to fulfill a simple mission:

"Promoting positive relationships, personal responsibility and academic rigor to prepare students for success in a changing world."

Students, you are the most important people at DCHS. A positive relationship with you and your family is where success begins. You can expect to be treated respectfully and you can expect our staff to get to know you on a personal level.

Personal responsibility means staff and students come here each day prepared to give their very best effort in the classroom. When their best doesn't create success, they do not make excuses. They take responsibility, evaluate what went wrong, create a new plan and then work hard to succeed.

Students should come to DCHS each prepared to be challenged academically. We offer a variety of classes that will meet the varied needs of our students. We encourage you to chart a course for your education that will stretch you. Taking the "path of least resistance" does not lead to long-term success. We expect our students to take the road less-traveled.

Charger Pride runs deep at DCHS! We offer a wide variety of co-curricular, extra-curricular and club activities before and after school. Get involved! We need your talents to continue the proud tradition of Charger activities. We look forward to getting to know you outside the classroom too.

Your years at DCHS will go quickly. Before you know it, we will be at Commencement and you will be just steps away from the rest of your life. DCHS will be whatever you make it. If you work hard, work to the best of your ability and work together with our staff, you will find success at DCHS.

DCHS Faculty, Staff and Administration

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